Wednesday, August 03, 2005

L'Art Mauvais

I may not know much about great Art, but I know what I like...

...and this ain't it.

After he got back from the Sexual Harassment Workshop, people said Gunny Lopez just didn't seem right.

Oh, Fifi seemed to have "Oui" down just fine. It was "Non" that didn't seem to be penetrating that wooly little head of hers.

Ever since he'd gotten ahold of his brother's comic books, Cuthbert seemed to have an irrational fear of bunnies...

On second thought, Bernice decided the pink shoes did make her butt look smaller.

Barbara always hated it when the Nurse Ratchett said, "Now this won't hurt a bit, dearie..."

People said years of playing MLB had changed Rafael... but what did they know? They were just jealous.

Reluctantly, Phyllis was forced to admit her skills as a Pet Psychic might need a little work.