Sunday, September 04, 2005

What is the Right Response?

I have watched in silence as the criticism mounts regarding the federal response to hurricane Katrina. Most of this criticism seems to be designed to embarrass President Bush politically.

My question to you Institute readers is, what is the appropriate response to these attacks? There may be merit to some of the criticism of the feds, but much of what I am hearing has the ring of ghoulish political opportunism. Should the right, reflexively defend Bush after each and every attack? Should it be ignored as most crackpot charges should be? Should there be a counter-attack against state and local officials as evidence of complete incompetence mounts?

I have a suspicion that as time passes we will learn that the federal plan was lacking. Lacking in the sense that they didn't plan for local and state officials to completely drop the ball.

This just doesn't seem like the time for any of this bullshit.


On a personal note, the On household is wiped out. It was a very long week, 66% of my family was sick this week, then we spent Friday night (all freaking night) in the emergency room as the Onlette™ had a fever that spiked to 104 degrees. Not to worry, she is much better now and her temperature is back to normal.