Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Intellectual Property Theft Is Not Child's Play

As the legal presence and Chair of the Redundant Department of Redundancy here at the Ebb & Flow Institute, one of my limited duties is to ensure the protection of the goodwill, trademarks and patents of the Institute.

It has recently come to my attention that Noggin, a TV channel allegedly for children, will begin a show next week called Ebb and Flo. This show will feature a little girl and her trusty dog who live on a river with their mother (see picture at right). Apparently, the father is a malcontent deadbeat dad. Aren't all TV dads nowadays?

The girl and her dog get into all kinds of hilarious and heart touching adventures.

In other words, except for the deadbeat dad thing, it is apparently based upon the life of either Onlette or KJita. The name, of course, is clearly ripped off of this web site.

Noggin apparently believes that the mere omission of a single letter "W" (no doubt removed by commie bedwetting children's story writers as an effort to slight our President) can overcome the obvious theft of Ebb & Flow Institute's intellectual property. As the Church of Scientology has taught us, a single letter change does not matter. The confusion is obvious, and this abuse will not stand.

A cease and desist letter will be forwarded to Noggin in the near future. Unless you have a young child in the house, we encourage you to boycott all things Noggin until this controversy is resolved. If you have a young child in the house, well never mind. It is a really good channel for young children. Still, you should grumble when turning the channel to Noggin.

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