Monday, October 15, 2007

Christmas Pleasantries from the Institute

hippy holidays.jpg
Hippy Holidays Ya’ll from The Ebb & Flow Institute located in what you might call a multicultural neighborhood where it is not unusual to see aging hippies riding giant tricycles.

I had intended to make this a 2006 year in review post, but to be forthright; I became bored with the topic. And to be even more direct, honest and with increasing forthrightness, while researching the post I came across this alarming photo from the Institute Halloween party.

Looking at it, are you as disconcerted and unnerved as I.

I know I am.

Well to be direct, open and candid it got me thinking about the direction of this country. When I was a kid you could spot a witless half-wit because they had a pocket fisherman.rocketfishingrod_thumb.jpg
These days Roland Martin is advertising a Rocket Fisherman that launches a bobber and hook from something that resembles a sawed off shotgun. So we are still good there.

But dear peoples, the state of the American Cartoon is, to be blunt curt and abrupt, bad. Real bad. Spongebob aside, the plot to every modern cartoon is as follows. A baby animal is missing; often the baby animal will be an endangered species. The “heroes” of the cartoon have to save the baby and they are going to need our help to do it. They look into the camera with their large vacuous brown eyes and ask us to flap our wings, or for directions to the volcano. You are the explorer Dora, can’t you recognize the large blue volcano right freaking next to you? The cartoon always concludes with the “heroes” returning the baby endangered species to its parental units who didn’t seem to notice that their progeny was missing in the first place. Perhaps instead of returning the baby they should call Child Protective Services? Or better yet just let nature run its course.

Did Bugs Bunny ever ask for help?


I have also been thinking about the war. The elections in November, been thinking about them too. As many of you know, there has been considerable pressure on me, some public, some private, and some pressure applied in a manner that can only be describes as both public and private to get me to run for president. Of the United States.

I have thus far resisted this pressure because, to be plainspoken and unguarded, I just wasn’t that interested. And my family, what it would put my family through, I have thus far resisted because of what it would put my family through, of course.

To be candid and unambiguous, things have gotten to the point where it would be inconvenient for me not to be president, at least for a while. So I have made a decision, frankly, the time is right to bring some frank frankness to the political arena (it is not really an arena, that is a tired figure of the speech).
No, I am not announcing that I am seeking my party’s nomination for president, that is not the way we do things. I am announcing that I am forming an exploratory committee

aught ocho logo.jpg
If you would like to be a member of the Pile in Aught Ocho exploratory committee please write me at pileon - at - sbcglobal dot net. I caught some large fishes in Florida in November, and owing to my political fine tunity had my picture taken with the large fishes I had caught. But we are going to need someone who knows how to get the images off of my cell phone and onto the World Wide Web. We need someone to design a better logo too.