Monday, October 15, 2007

Pile On Off On Diplomatic Mission

Several key members of The Ebb & Flow Institute's staff have been asked to embark on a diplomatic mission of some importance. Not being the kind of Institute that would shirk its civic obligations, we have obliged.

Beginning on Thursday, I will be leading an entourage to the Peoples Republic of China. I expect this to be a very enlightening trip. I have been in a handful of countries, but never a full blown republic of the peoples. I like peoples. I have lived my whole life in this non-peoples republic of the United States, so I am very curious to see a republic that is owned and operated by real live peoples.

Now, don't think this mission is going to be all fine dining and sipping mint tea in the shade. It isn't. We will be ironing out many serious problems like North Korea, Iran, CO2 emissions and the price of tailored suits. As you might expect, we will also be engaging in cultural exchange. Yes, for the next three weeks, Pile will be the face of America abroad.

If you don't see a Pile On Op-Ed in the New York Times by the Fourth of July, please contact the US consulate's office in Shanghai.

Other Stuff:

Is that for here or to go....sir?

I was in Dallas yesterday and I observed a retail business establishment called Condoms-To-Go.
To go. Condoms to go. In a dangerous world, perhaps one should just keep a condom on at all times.

I will leave you with this thought peoples, if you are scrapbooking about your experiences aren't blogging.

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