Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Calvin Murphy acquitted of Sexually Molesting Daughters

Basketball hall of famer and Color Commentator for Houston Rockets television broadcasts has been acquitted of the charges of sexually molesting five of his daughters (the other five testified on his behalf).

The daughters alledged that they were sexually molested over ten years ago from 1988-1991. Murphy's defense claimed that they were angry with him for financial reason, wanting money that was left to Murphy when their mother was killed in a car accident.

There is no way for me to know what actually happened, but a jury of 9 men and 3 women found him not guilty. If he is really guilty, then I feel for his daughters, but if he is innocent then there should be some recourse against the daughters. They have alleged crimes against a man, worse than any I can imagine. Sexually molesting your children is the most hideous thing a human being can do and I don't say that lightly, I would prefer to be charged with any other crime.

I don't know if Murphy will be able to continue with his life without carrying this baggage with him. The Rockets have placed him on paid leave and have said they will reevaluate his position at the end of the season. I never cared for Calvin Murphy and his commentary makes me reach for the mute button (but I seldom watch unless they are playing the Spurs) but I do think the Rockets should let him return to his old job. We are talking about the NBA here.