Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Frisky Fodder II

Those of you who loathe 12 days of Christmas parodies may want to rethink your position after seeing this. If you are at the office turn up the volume to 11, nothing will bring out the Christmas spirit like a song about STDs. Via Princess Kimberly (the link not the STDs).

As I ventured down into the dirt among the fleas, grubs and worms to educate myself about grassroots movements for change I encountered a couple of other movements worthy of note if not an in depth exposé.

First, Tampaction, yes that is right, menstrual activists for change.

The Tampaction Campaign is a national, youth led effort to replace unhealthy, unsustainable tampons and pads with sustainable alternatives and positive attitudes towards menstruation, menstruators' bodies, and the environment.

It doesn't get much more grassrooty than that.

this. Using self-love to end conflict. The sacrifices some people will make for peace. Remember you can't love others until you love yourself.