Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Lucha Libre--la Acción es Fantástica

Lucifer & Verdugo

Are you going to have some down time over the holidays? Will you be channel surfing, looking for some high-minded socially redeeming entertainment that the whole family can enjoy? Let me make a suggestion, set your Tivo, or check your local listings for Lucha Libre.

Yes, Mexican Wrestling. This is high-flying non-stop action that makes American Wrestling look like over produced silliness; what with their fancy auditoriums, high dollar costumes and modern video production values. Lucha Libre is real down to earth grassroots entertainment.

You might see legends like El Santo and Misterioso, or current favorites like Chilango, Rosa Salvaje, The Chivos and Those Crazy Chickens & minis Tsuki, Mascarita Sagrada, Parkita & Guerrerito.

If you are really fortunate you can catch super starlets like Kitten DeVille, Erochica, Ursulina, Cardinal Cyn, Summer Peaches, Ming Dynatease & Desire D'Amour.

Let me just say, those chicas es muy bueno.

Grab a twelve-pack, turn it on and you've got yourself more fun than a Red Sovine double cd pack, not to mention a good way to bone up on your español.

As a friend who turned me onto this said "Lucha Libre is a microcosm of everything that is fu**ed up about Mexico".