Thursday, December 16, 2004

Spotlight on Women's Issues II

Button up those blouses ladies, before going to Atlantic City to gamble. Casino workers use surveillance cameras to keep and eye on women in low cut blouses. Evidently they think these women pose a greater risk of cheating. We think it is a clear case of "profiling", and an obvious violation of the Casino Clandestine Surveillance Profiling Act of 2001. ___________________________________________________________________

A pregnant woman dies during a government AIDS study when doctors continued to give her an experimental drug after she showed signs of liver failure. Perhaps we should leave this research to the private sector, they can be held liable. ___________________________________________________________________

A new study shows it is healthy to be married, with the exception of the tendency to be overweight. I found this paragraph from the article to be interesting.

Some 70.6 percent of husbands were overweight or obese compared with 65.1 percent of all men. For females, 48.6 percent of married women were overweight or obese, virtually the same as the 48.5 percent of women in general. Widows made up the largest share of overweight women at 53.2 percent.

So it appears men chunk out after getting married and women wait until their husbands are dead to do so.

Ursula Andress who played Honey Ryder in Dr No (remember the bikini scene as she walked out of the water) is blasting current Hollywood stars for being to skinny. ___________________________________________________________________

If you men are getting the woman in your life lingerie for Christmas, keep this in mind. Dutch women prefer big comfortable knickers. The story doesn't say anything about American woman. ___________________________________________________________________

Sorry ladies, another rich eligible bachelor is off the market. Yep, Enrique Iglesias is married. We think this relationship will last, so there is no point in starting an office pool.

Enrique Iglesias & Anna Kournikova