Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sunday's Feelings

It is not the facts that matter. What matters is how you "feel" about events. This weekend left me feeling cold.

Here in Atlanta, the weather is dire. Global warming had the south braced for an ice storm. If you live in the Atlanta area and failed to buy milk and bread by Thursday, it was too late. Even though the ice is now gone, as predicted, every loaf of bread and every gallon of milk was gone by noon Friday. What is it about people buying milk and bread in anticipation of being home bound for one or two days?

You still think government schools are the way to educate your child? And this doesn't even address the idiocy of all of the "no tollerance" enforcement scandals.

Georgia legislation seeks to join the property rights abuses of governments serving as the lackies for developers. Not surprisingly, the author of the legislation is a developer (and a Republican). It just goes to show you -- you really have to think hard about who you will put in your government. Your government is the only entity that legally can do what it wants by force. Your local car dealer can't make you buy their car. The local developer can't make you sell your house to him. But you put those people in government, and they might, if they are so inclined, seek just that power.

In the land of our favorite Kitty Cat (Colorado) a college professor says that the people who died on 9/11 were not innocent people. In a later essay, he stated that "all those women who were raped in 2001 had it coming. Did you see the clothes they were wearing."

In the Kudos for Tough Love story of the week, two teenaged boys were turned in by their mother and aunt for burglary. The burglarly was discovered when the mother and aunt found and watched a video tape the boys took of the burglarly. A third person was also arrested. Not surprisingly, there was no mention in the article about the boys' father. Nonetheless, Kudos to Mom and Aunt.

Drudge Reports that the Latino Caucus of Congress has declined to endorse Gonzales for Attorney General. Advocacy groups for people of color just do not like it when their members start thinking for themselves and leave the liberal plantation. When asked for comment, Gonzales said, "Give a few hours to interrogate them, and I will get their endorsement." (I couldn't pass that one up.)