Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Real Super Bowl Issue

OK, they played the game, but we want to know is who best promoted capitalism tonight.

Which ads do you guys/gals think were the best? I have some ideas, many shared during the game, but I will just be a commentor for now. Rank your favorite 3. #1 gets 5 points, #2 gets 2, #3 gets 1. I will let you know who wins when I get around to it.

Some ads I remember:

Ford (w/ bikers)
Momma's Boy dolls
Bud Lite (pilot chasing beer out plane)
Fed Ex (commercial parody)
Diet Pepsi (Abba music - large crowd following gay model guy)
Cell phone/picture of girlfriend ad (can't remember product - probably beer)
AmeriQuest (convienence store owners)
AmeriQuest (cat, tomato sauce, knife)
Broken tank strap/testify to congress/large bussoms (can't remember product)
Lays Chips (MC Hammer, et al)
Careerbuilders (monkeys at work - a couple with similar theme)
Talking parrot with bad Mehico accent
Smooth Rich Amber Bach
A-B ad with military walking through airport
Tobasco girl in swimsuit
Nuts - Dad lies to daughter

Well, I'm sure I missed a few possible worthy of vote getters, but these are what I commented on. Let's here it.