Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Because of Nature, Every Post is Not Gold

Yesterday evening I went out behind the Institute and attempted to exert my dominance over nature. I was quite effective and nature is a bit more docile today, but she did fight back. This probably isn't the best time of the year for me to be picking this fight but Mrs. On wants to plant some flowers. Nature will not stand in the way of Mrs. On's wants.

To sum up, I have a headache, my eyes are burning, my nose is running and I can't think so goodly. So I will just point you in the direction of people who don't have to hold their head back so snot doesn't drip on their keyboard (this is only a guess, I have no way of knowing for certain).


I didn't know anyone besides Jack was posting at Tigerhawk, but I will say this for the Charlottesvillain, he knows quality classical music when he sees it. I do love a woman who can play the fiddle.


I had no idea the Instapundit was so infatuated with Condi. He may need to seek help.


Over at Heigh-Ho the editorial staff is concerned about the U.S. losing influence in our hemisphere. Part of the blame goes to Social Conservatives and their influence on our AIDS foreign aid policy. I don't disagree with the staff and management of Heigh-Ho, I am just not quite as concerned, you know, big picture wise. Go check it out for yourself.


Over at Wuzzadem The McLaughlin Group is discussing the fall of Constantine. John is like an anchor when it comes to doing a radio show but when he writes dialogue I hear the voice of the person he is satirizing. Excellent stuff. Go.


Consider this an open thread to discuss anything that is on your mind.

I will get you started.

Beer, is it the best thing ever for treating allergies?

Or just pretty good?