Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Few Words About Dog Poo

Let me start by saying I have nothing against dog poo. This is not personal. I am well aware than dog poo is a necessary by-product of having a living healthy dog. A dog has to be able to expel it's bodily wastes, and there just isn't anyway to do that without some unpleasantness.

All I am saying about dog poo, is that it shouldn't be used for brains.

If you think importing 25 thousand jobless homeless people into a city is a good way to boost the economy, you are a nasty sniveling little worm or you are misusing dog poo.

If you think a real estate company offering jobless homeless people special financing is a sure fire way to reap profits, equivalent to ambulance chasing, you are being deliberately viscous or we have a cranial dog poo problem.

"A surge of business activity in Houston might lift the fortune of a city that is still struggling to recover from the collapse of Enron and two decades of job cuts in the energy industry."

This from a reporter who lives in Houston?

Say what you want about Houston, it's hot, humid, some say the traffic sucks and it isn't much to look at. But Houston is a city where people of all races and ethnicities, can, and do, access the American dream. Houston is a bustling, energetic, economically vibrant city, with few government regulations to hinder the ambitions of it's citizens. It is also a city of kind and generous people, who don't deserve the envious shit flinging of monkey-like reporters from the New York Times who were on the losing side of the long since settled battle of the socio-economic systems.