Sunday, September 18, 2005

Nebraska Records its Final Victory of the Season

The Nebraska Cornhuskers used a complex kick blocking scheme to secure their third and final victory of Coach Whatsisname's second and likely last season with the once dominant football program. Coach Icouldnotcarelesswhathisnameis commented "we tried to keep their offense on the field as much as possible so our defense could score, but it wasn't easy, apparently Pitt had the same game plan".

Here at the Institute we could not be more tickled to have thrown out forty years of winning tradition for the thrilling West Coast Incomplete Four Yard Pass Offense. Who needs that boring old drive the opposition into the dirt option offense when you can go three and out on short passes that take virtually no time off the clock. Riveting.

It is large to run the same offense as every other second rate mediocre team in the country. This should be great for recruiting, not to mention it will save opposing defensive coordinators countless hours of preparation.

I don't know if you can get back tradition once it is lost, but I want it. Now.