Saturday, September 24, 2005

Pile Ok In OK

Hello everybody. Sam Houston again. I've got good news for you. Pile reports in the comments section to the preceeding post that he and the Ons are safe and sound in Oklahoma City.

I knewed it! Gol-dash-it-all! I knewed it! I knewed that Pile'd figure a way out! Why that hombre is slipperier than marinated geese guts on a U.N. door knob!

Er...yes, Gabby. That he is.
Anyway, Pile appears to have had quite a backroads adventure and we look forward to his recounting it one day soon on these very pages.

I'll tell you what! Pile On's so smart, I'll bet this whole shebang is just one of them publickity doo-dads to help him get elected Sheriff in Ocho-Eight!

You mean to say that Pile planned this entire escapade as a publicity stunt to help him get elected President of the United states in Aught Ocho?

Are you a Democrat by any chance, Mr. Hayes?

A Democrat? Well, brush my whiskers no! I'm a cook!



Well, anyway folks,that's the good news, and there seems to be more on the way. Texas has pulled through the storm with some damage, but nothing it can't handle. Most importanly, it has comported itself in the manner and mode that befits this nation's only Republic.


I'll see you on the flip side.