Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Brief Editorial From the Desk of Pile

I wrote a post about this today. Thankfully, before I posted it, I happened to read it and discovered that it was completely lacking in funny. What some people call the most deliberative body in the world (why they call it that I have not a clue), has displayed an incredible lack of class, vision, courage and grasp of history.

President Bush has been resolute and consistent regarding the WOT, for his own party to hand a political victory to the Democrats is bad enough; but more importantly to show the world weakness and encourage our enemies to hold out, strengthened in the knowledge that our will to fight will eventually dissipate is unforgivable. To do this while Bush is out of the country just reeks of Senate.

Why anyone would question President Bush for not wanting to pick a political fight with Senate Republicans having his back is beyond me.