Monday, December 05, 2005

2005 Weblog Awards

It is time all Institute patrons to do their patriotic duty and vote in the 2005 Weblog Awards. I know many of you are disappointed that The Ebb & Flow Institute didn't make the list of finalists. I understand, I feel your pain. Well not really. The Institute is an acquired taste, and it isn't like we have been working very hard at it lately.

One of my nominations did make the cut for finalist, so, go vote for good friend of the Institute, spd rdr @ Heigh Ho in the Best of the Rest category.

John @ Wuzzadem is in a dog fight (well, in a fight with a dog) in the Best Nude Blog category. I don't understand how he got nominated in this category, but we need to support our friends, regardless of their blogstyle choices.

I like Beautiful Atrocities and Six Meat Buffet in the best Humor Blog Category. Go vote for somebody, because right now a site called Jesus' General is leading the race. Call me what you will, but I think the best humor blog should be.....uh.....humorous.

For Best Blog I endorse Michelle Malkin, because I like her, she is a great blogger and has the best chance of preventing a Daily Kos victory.

And please,help spread the sunshine with a vote for Vinnie, in this category.

I may make some endorsements in the other categories when I have the chance, but in the mean time, you can vote once a day for the next ten days.