Wednesday, November 23, 2005

CODE PINK Completes Acquisition of Sheehan Corp.

SAN FRANCISCO - CODE PINK Inc. on Monday completed its acquisition of Sheehan Corp., creating the largest truth to food product communications company in the United States.

By absorbing Crawford Texas based Ma Sheehan, CODE PINK'S tentacles will now reach into every major segment of the U.S. cuisine communications market. The crown jewel of the deal is Sheehan's brand identity and media relations business division.

For Ma Sheehan, the merger saves the company from a potentially bleak future of declining media market share in the face of stiff competition from new truth to chow communications companies or the emergence of alternative icons.

"We are ready to meet the needs of a new generation of customers in a new era of articulating factuality to nutritional substances," Medea Benjamin, chairwomyn and CEO of CODE PINK Inc., said in a statement.

The new company will be known as code sheehan Inc. and will start trading under the ticker symbol "L" on the New York Stock Exchange on Dec. 1. In the interim, it will trade under the existing "CP" symbol.

Photo of Ma Sheehan speaking truth to Pizza unapologetically ripped off from John @ Wuzzadem.