Friday, January 07, 2005

More Friday Fun

Ready for another round?

Islamic Q&A Online with Mufti Ebrahim Desai

A few samples via Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities, go check it out.

Q: I need to know what is the fatwa for passing gas from the front in women?
A: Passing wind from the front in women does not invalidate the Wudhu.

Q: Is it permissible for me to ask my wife to pierce her navel strictly for my pleasure only??
A: Belly piercing is not permissible.

Q: I masturbated a few days ago & my auntie died few days later. Is this my fault?
A: Firstly, masturbation is not permitted in Islam. Second, masturbating does not effect the death of another person or can cause them any harm.

I need to go ask the Imam if it is okay to clip my toenails or get a pedicure from an infidel. You know, just in case the non-believers throw me in jail. I wouldn't want to miss a hearing because I was unable to perambu-ulate into the courtroom.


Walmart Greeter Inexplicably Fired Over Semi-Naked Picture of Himself

Dean L. Wooten, 65, was accused of greeting customers with a computer-generated photo of himself in which he appeared to be naked - except for a carefully placed Wal-Mart bag - and of telling customers that Wal-Mart was cutting costs and the sack was the company's new uniform.

This is just another case of a major corporation stifling the creativity of it's employees with a top down inflexible business philosophy. Now for the money quote of the day...........

"When I first seen it, I pretty near died laughing," he said.

Salute to spd rdr.