Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tuesday's Feelings

Because the facts do not matter. What matters is how you feel.

Are your Leftist friends this objective? For that matter, are you? In light of the successes in Iraq, I applaud any second guessing of one's self by those that were wrong.

Ohio's supreme court may be getting smaller. This one was driving drunk. Allegedly.

As an aside, can tell to which party a politician belongs when he or she is involved in an embarrassing incident? The answer is easy - if it is a Republican, the party affiliation is either in the headline or the first paragraph of the story. If the politician is a Democrat, the affiliation is either not mentioned or buried in the middle of the story. Read the story and see for yourself.

Villainous Company is abuzz about the freedom of speech poll controversy of students. I would ask this student what he thinks about freedom of speech. After getting an A- on a paper in favor of corporal punishment in schools, he was expelled from the Masters in Education program at LeMoyne College. Never heard of it. It is a Jesuit school. I would have expected more.

Ward Churchill, whom I mentioned in Sunday's Feelings, has resigned as Chair of his college's "Ethnic Studies" Department. He of course will still teach whatever it is one teaches in "Ethnic Studies." The good news, if any, is that the college welcomed the move and found his remarks deplorable. Not deplorable enough to keep his influence from its students, but deplorable nonetheless.

Midwestern states push for Academic Bill of Rights similar to the proposals made by David Horowitz. Naturally, the schools in those states are against it. If only the proposal had been more mainstream, like

Assistant Attorney General (I don't think they have official party affiliations, so I could not test the above hypothesis on embarrassing incidents) mugged after call to escorts. I am sure he was just seeking a couple of women (two came to his room) for conversation - $500 worth of conversation.

I hope you still feel well.