Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday Vespers

Hello and welcome to another Friday vespers here at the Institute. Help yourself to a beer from one of our friendly waitstaff peoples. Make yourself at home, just don't double dip your chip in the salsa after you have taken a bite. We frown on that. Don't make us frown.

I apologize for a weak week of posting. I simply have not had the time, between work, meetings, work, tenants, The Onlette's™ firsts shots, and The Onlette™ in general.

On Tuesday, The Onlette™ learned to play by herself in her bouncer and laugh at the noises and lights when she kicks the buttons. I think she might be a genius.

I have not even kept up with the news to know what to post about. Over the weekend the site is going to be put under construction. We need a fresh look here, so I have hired a world famous graphic artist. We should finish that up this weekend and get back to normal next week. So you can look forward to the same award winning journalism you have become accustomed to.

Sorry that is all I have time for. I have to take a client golfing this afternoon. Damn it.