Monday, July 25, 2005

Did You Know.....

Craig Biggio has been plunked twice on this date (July 25th), once in 1997 by Jeff Juden and then in 1999 by Andy Ashby.

Tonight Craig Biggio will face Cory Lidle of the Phillies. Lidle has plunked Biggio twice in his career, on May 2nd of last year in Houston as well as three weeks later in Cincinnati.

Craig Biggio is number three on the all-time plunked list at 268. He is closing fast on Tommy Tucker who is 2nd at 272 plunks. The good lord willing someday he will have the major league record when he overtakes Hughie Jennings at 287.

For the latest up to date information on Biggio taking one for the team, see Plunk Biggio.