Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Head of Institute Security Accepts New Position

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the resignation of Zoe, our head of Institute security. Zoe has always had aspirations to one day be an alpha female, that position is permanently filled here, so when a former employer offered her her dream job, I knew I couldn't hold her back.

Zoe's work here has been exemplary, she has done everything we have asked of her, and even a few things no one would have ever dreamed of asking her to do. She has always been loyal, faithful, and greeted every task with vigor and good cheer. I know she will excel in her new position.

So join me in wishing her good luck in her new position.

Zoe, the door is always open here, should you decide to return to the Institute.



Zoe's last day is Thursday, on Saturday I will be leaving town on official Institute business until next Wednesday. If you are looking for funny, this won't be the place for it for a while, unless one of the guest bloggers gives it a go.