Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More Wild Jihadi Math

From the Gates of Vienna, Baron submits the following research topics. Although our workload is heavy here at the Institute, we do love research topics, even if we can't pursue every topic with the academic vigor it deserves.

1. Are we at war with all of Islam, or only a small portion of it?

2. Can Islam be politically reformed to accept democracy?

3. Can Europe pull out of its suicidal demographic spiral?

4. Is profiling for a “Muslim” appearance preferable to enduring more terrorist attacks?

5. And most importantly: Is the West worth saving?

And for your Jihadi math needs, from a commenter named wildiris.....

Good Morning Baron. An observation on the question "are we at war with all of Islam". In mathematics there is the concept of a "dense" subset. A subset P of larger set Q is said to be "dense" if every neighborhood of any element of Q, contains an element of P. The feature that arises from this condition is that one cannot draw a boundary around the elements of P that will separate them from the rest of the set Q. And when that happens, a proof about some property of the elements of P can often be extened to the whole set Q.The Jihadists form a "dense" subset of the Moslem population, as there is at least one in every neighborhood( no math pun intended). In this situation, where there is no way to separate out the Jihadists from the Moslem population as a whole, there can be no logical basis to consider them as separate populations.

EFI salute to the ever alert Boone.