Monday, March 07, 2005

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P.I.S.S.R.-When you gotta go, you gotta go.


Will it be open season for Cat hunting?

University of Wisconsin-Madison wildlife ecology professor Stanley Temple, who trapped more than 100 cats and analyzed their stomach contents during a four-year study, has estimated that between 7.8 million and 219 million birds are killed by rural cats in Wisconsin each year.

That is a pretty big spread in the number of birds killed. I think the ancient Romans could do better than that by looking at entrails.


Bono, Head of the World Bank?

"I am not going to review here all the candidates that are on the list. But I will attest to my admiration for Bono."


Justice Kennedy can not be allowed to vacation with these judges.

Mukhtar Mai was sentenced to gang rape because her brother was accused of having sex with a woman from a more prominent family. She went public. Under world scrutiny the men who carried out the sentence were themselves sentenced to death. Now those sentences have been overturned.

Paki women are pissed off.