Thursday, May 12, 2005

Additions to the Blogroll

I have been meaning to update the blog roll for a while now. I was going to go through and check all of them, there are a few that I seldom visit and take them off if they haven't been updated or they suck. Or don't suck enough. But that smacks of a public de-linking and I am not in the mood.

So I just added some new ones.

Ace of Spades HQ.

I guess he gets some traffic so I thought I would check out why, plus he is a fellow streaming audio guy, so I should probably keep an eye on him.

College Pundit
Garfield Ridge
Guide to Midwestern Culture
The Unpopulist
What Attitude Problem

I see these people commenting at the same blogs I like, so they are worth checking out.

Hugh Hewitt

I heard him on the radio last night. I will link him and maybe he will check out the site and the streaming audio show. You know, so he can pick up a few pointers.

The Hatemonger's Quarterly
It's A Pundit
Iraq War Was Wrong Blog

The first two are just overdue. The last one, just because I am trying to figure out what the blog is all about.

Say Anything

Hot chicks on Friday. Linking to this site will free me up on Friday to do other things.

I'm Awake

I am blog rolled there so you know it is a site of taste and refinement.

I used the Wuzzadem blah groal to speed this up. John is probably looking at his sitemeter thinking, wow Pile has spent a lot of time here today. I must really be writing some good stuff this week. No John, your output this week is a bit lacking. Maybe all this radio stuff is sucking the life out of you.

I really thought Glenn Reynolds would link to my Tiananmen Square post. Well, I tried to help him add something of social import to his site. I can't e-mail him good judgment.

I guess it is time to do another post about hot teacher chicks having sex with their students.


Okay, there was another site I meant to add to my site's blog roll, but now I can't remember what site it was. If it was your site, just tell me what your site is and I will get right on adding your site to my site's blog roll.