Monday, January 28, 2008

One Sentence Guest Editorial--Bill Clinton

One of the great things about being a student of history is that we can look back for guidance in our current affairs, like say the current talk about a stimulus package is not that different from an important period of American history when I was a newly inaugurated president, (you could go further back in history I am sure, but why?), there was pressing need for stimulus in those days, the country having survived the first of two economically flaccid Bush administrations; I had a package of course, others had plans for stimulation as well, some critics said my package hooked to the left, or it placed too much emphasis on the public while ignoring the private parts of the economy, I maintain that you can't wait for a perfect reception for your package, you have to just put it out there and be optimistic that it will provide the much anticipated stimuli.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

One Sentence Editorial--Pile On the Iowa Caucuses

In this post black Friday and therefore post 9/11 world with two days to go until the Iowa caucuses, a new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll out Tuesday shows both the Democratic and Republican presidential nomination races tied at the top creating a sweet almost organic perfect storm, setting the stage for an unremarkable second tier candidate such as John Edward who is the new Walter Mondale (back in the day Mondale was astonishingly unremarkable and today could host webinars on the topic) to surge to the forefront and decimate the field with an emotional finely crafted message authored by an up and coming political wordsmith that knows how to add some pop to a seemingly random campaign about "giving back" to the poor which to this point point has been slightly less pleasant to view than waterboarding, all this could toss prior front runners under the bus, but then that's politics, and, it is what it is.