Friday, April 29, 2005

The Ebb & Flow and Riveting Streaming Audio

I have entered into negotiations with John from Wuzzadem to start our own online radio show. By "entered into" I mean, when he reads this it will be the first he has heard of it. By online radio show, I mean one of them streaming audio thingies.

That really isn't radio is it? Because radio is what I have in my car and I can't get streaming audio in my car. Well, not since I gave a friend of my sister in law a ride to the Denver airport. She streamed audio. 300 miles and that signal never faded. But I digress. Radio stations build large towers and they do this thing they call "transmit" this thing they call a "signal" using lots and lots of what are known as "watts". Thousands and thousands of watts. All this to make voices resonate from my dashboard. And from that area underneath my back window. I think that area has a name, but I don't know what it is. When I have a streaming audio show maybe someone can call in and tell me what it is. But remember to turn down your computer and tell me how long you have been listening and how many times you have called first. That is important need to know information, the very foundation upon which riveting streaming audio is built.

John probably won't let me ask our guests about pudding. He gets kind of touchy when the conversation turns to pudding . And it always does seem to turn to pudding. The conversation that is. We can hammer all that out in the negotiations. I can talk about things other than pudding. No problem there. But the tension from the pudding controversy will fester just under the surface of the show. Until one day the festered tension erupts and I shout "I CAN'T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS" and then I storm out of the studio in a tizzy of a snit.

Why do I want to go through all this just to be a big time streaming audio star you ask? Why would I risk all that has been accomplished with this blog on a risky scheme like streaming audio? Normally I would find it annoying that you asked a second question before I had a chance to answer the first question. But in this case you ask good questions that I can answer in one word. The melodrama baby, it's all about the melodrama and my current melodrama deficit.

I am going to hang up and listen now.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Business as Usual and Toads Explode

As many of you know back in January The Ebb & Flow Institute awarded honorary fellowships to three highly distinguished personalities. I did this to recognize their not so insignificant contributions to the blogosphere, and because I was going to be very busy training The Onlette™ to perform her very important duties here.

While I am not sure The Onlette™ is taking her career here as seriously as she should, she nonetheless has put her foot down and is demanding to take on more of the workload.

In the mean time honorary fellow KJ has started his own blog called No Government Cheese, "the Cheese" and spd rdr has recently started a blog called Heigh-Ho, "the Ho?". Rodney has his twice weekly caption contests to run at OTB. Go check out their sites, and for a 10% discount tell them Pile sent you.

I am sure they all would like to have more time to devote to their solo careers, so, it is time to get back to business as usual.

You may still see them post from time to time, honorary fellowship is a lifetime appointment at the Institute, provided they don't sink into a cesspool of moral turpitude.


In related news, more than a thousand toads in a pond near Hamburg Germany have exploded.

Yep, they are blowing up like balloons until they finally pop. Scientists have yet to explain why.

Both the pond's water and body parts of the toads have been tested, but scientists have been unable to find a bacteria or virus that would cause the toads to swell up and pop, said Janne Kloepper, of the Hamburg-based Institute for Hygiene and the Environment. "It's absolutely strange," she said Wednesday.

Institute for Hygiene and the Environment?

It seems like there is an Institute for everything these days.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Brief Editorial from the Institute's Resident of the John Locke Chair

There has been considerable discussion of late about Senate Republicans lacking backbone, guts, or hangy down things, pick your euphemism. Yes, it would be nice if they had a little more stomach for a political scuffle. It would be nice if they would get with it and change the Senate rules to allow a vote on Bush's judicial nominations and stop this nonsense about John Bolton having once been mean to somebody (who probably had it coming anyway).

But honestly, can you blame them?

Who is going to have their back when they become public enemy #1 in the eyes of the Democrats and the MSM? If a Republican has a little fight in them they better be squeaky clean, because if they aren't whatever they have done will be portrayed as the biggest government corruption scandal since Senator Packwood chased his secretary around the desk.

Which brings me to Tom Delay. Is he a great guy? I don't know him, so I can not say, but I don't believe the media caricature of him either. Has he done anything that isn't standard operating procedure for both parties? No. He traveled at the expense of outside groups. Democrats in congress have done that even more than Republicans. He has his family on his campaign staff. Not unheard of. Delay has been repeatedly indicted by a prosecutor with a history of politically motivated indictments. Any convictions?

How many people are rushing to his defense? Other than George Bush, I can't think of any. Should we throw him overboard because he has become a liability to the conservative cause? That is open to debate, but don't be surprised when other Republicans get gun shy when the going gets tough. When the Senator gets through the maze and hits the paddle, will he be rewarded with a sugar cube or an electric shock?

Delay has become public enemy #1 because he is effective. He is tough. And he doesn't back down from a fight. If there is a piece of legislation that you dearly want to see passed, who would you rather have leading the fight? Tom Delay or George Voinovich?

An Uninspired WTW

I am getting kind of burned out on WTW. I have this feeling that I have gone to the well one too many times.

But we have important business from last week to attend to.

The results from last weeks poll. By a landslide, with 40% of the vote, it appears this is some sort of homo redneck cult initiation.

Thank God, we have that settled.

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Divine Retribution

White Supremacist J.B. Stoner Dies at 81;
Was Convicted of 1958 Church Bombing

J.B. Stoner, an unrepentant white supremacist and anti-Semite convicted in the civil rights-era bombing of a black church, has died. He was 81.


Americans Held Hostage

Dr. Rusty Shackleford of The Jawa Report has been doing a great job of keeping us aware that there are Americans being held hostage by interviewing their family members (something you might not know if you relied on the MSM for all your news). If you have not been keeping up with this series go here to read the latest. If you don't you might be the only person besides Glenn Reynolds who hasn't read them. I don't think you want that do you?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

EFI Biography--Geert Wilders

Who the heck is that?

A member of parliament in Holland who has been taken into a well guarded safe house to protect him from Islamic extremists.

Well guarded safe house? Some cushy joint with a view and room service?

Not exactly, he is living in a prison. The same prison the Lockerbie bombers were in as they awaited trial. "I have a kind of living room which is quite okay" he stated. "On either side there are the cells the two Libyans were held in. In one cell I have my clothing......In the other cell there is my bed."

So Geert is living in a prison and the people who have threatened him are on the outside, free to do as they please? What gives?

Well, after the murder of Pim Fortuyn who was an outspoken critic of multiculturalism and the shooting, stabbing and butchering of Theo Van Gogh, who dared criticize Muslim fundamentalism, the government is taking calls for Wilder's beheading much more seriously.

Some facts.

Wilder has started a new political party after breaking away from his former party the VVD in September of 2004.

Recent polls show his "Wilders Group" may win as much as 10% of the seats in the lower house of the Dutch parliament.

He was the foreign-affairs spokesman for the VVD but left the party because of his opposition to extending an invitation to Turkey to join the European Union.

His background in mainstream politics has made it hard for opponents to label him as a crackpot or racist.

Describes himself as a "Tocquevillian conservative". Andrew Stuttaford of National Review after reading his manifesto entitled "Declaration of Independence" describes his politics as an eclectic mix of small government conservatism, Atlanticism, free-market liberalism, Euro-skepticism, and populism. Above all, he is known for his criticism of Holland's failed policy of immigration and multiculturalism that has left a country of 16 million people with an Islamic population of about a million that has not been integrated.

Policy proposals or things that would make John Ashcroft blush.

Five year moratorium on immigration from non-western countries.

Deportation of dual nationals convicted of criminal offenses.

More public spending on assimilation, closing down extremist mosques and preventive detention of those in the small hard core of extremists, reasonably believed to be planning terrorists attacks.

Controversial statements.

"Islam and democracy are incompatible, but Muslims and democracy are compatible."

"Saving lives must come ahead of extending the full protection of Dutch law to those who would overthrow it."

Stuttaford's Take.

A work in progress. A man still trying to think through the full ramifications both of the complex and threatening situation now facing his country and of the remedies he proposes. He doesn't have all the answers but is one of the few in his country asking the right questions.

What is up with the hair?


Laura Ingraham Undergoes Breast Cancer Surgery

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham called into her nationally syndicated talk show today, moments before being wheeled into surgery to remove what her doctor described as an "angry tumor". She stated that she didn't want to be a drama queen and that there were people in far worse shape than her but she would appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

We at the Institute wish her the best and hope for a speedy recovery that doesn't delay her upcoming nuptials.


Monday, April 25, 2005

Breaking News From AP

How does one spot anabolic steroid use in adolescent girls?

Well, here is what the experts look for.

--Sudden weight gain of 20 or 30 pounds of muscle, rather than fat.

--Increase in facial and body hair, and loss of hair on the head.

--Deepening of the voice, a decrease in menstrual cycles and stunted growth, including smaller breasts.

--Sudden development of severe acne on the face and back.

--Blood clots.

--Aggressive behavior or angry outbursts, known as "roid rage."

--Paranoia, hallucinations and psychotic behavior.

Why is this breaking news? And why aren't more girls doing steroids? Perhaps if AP would just get the word out about all these wonderful benefits.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Brief Editorial from the Institute's Resident of the John Locke Chair

I received a check for $50 in the mail on Friday (yes there is mail service on The Natural Holiday of All the Humankind) . However confident I was that I deserved this recompense, I was clueless as to precisely what for. The envelope and the check did little to alleviate my stumpification. It looked like a rebate check but a quick scan of my accounts receivable provided no illumination.

Mrs. On found some small type on the stub that seemed to reference Samsung. I purchased one Samsung flat panel monitor about 6 months ago, but I thought I had received all payments for paying for this product, thus closing the file on this procurement. Fortunately Mrs On correctly recollected there were two rebates involved in this very complicated business transaction, one for $125 and one for $50.

I find rebates detestifiable, if not somewhat insulting. I know the corporations that use this marketing technique have employed statisticians to calculate the likelihood that I will actually send in the receipt, proof of purchase and fill in the brief questionnaire. I am sure they know the exact percentage of people who will respond based on the dollar value of the rebate offered. For small rebates they are counting on most of us throwing the crap on the to do pile and never "to do'ing" it. They draw you in with an advertised rebated price and then over-charge you, making you hassle with a bunch of paperwork or you get screwed. Nice.

It's like Las Vegas bookmakers are setting odds on my putting off sending in a rebate until I forget all about it. In my case, the odds are pretty damn good, but not on $175. That I sent off for, straightaway, the second time Mrs. On reminded me. These Samsung so and so's had over-charged me, and then kept the money they owed me for almost 6 months. 6-8 weeks my ass. I am so pleased I could help make their fourth quarter of 04 books look good, letting them pay me back for doing business with them whenever they damn well felt like it.

Well, Mr or Mrs, Corporate rebate peoples, I don't want to play your games anymore. How was I supposed to know you wanted the serial number of my camcorder and not the product ID number? There is no chance the instructions were meant to enigmify? Is there?

From now on, if there is a product even close in price and quality to your rebated item, I will buy it. If you want my business, send your number cruncher home, he is a smart guy, I am sure he will find something more productive to do. Use the savings to give me the best price you can. I will give you money, you give me your product, let's leave the Postal Service out of this transaction.

How Did It Go In

Wizbang posted this the other day, pointing to the How Did It Go In site with some creative theories on how Tiger sunk his chip shot on the 16th at Augusta on Sunday. I can almost buy into the Treadmill Tremor theory, buy I have my own theory.

I think one of these did it. This is one of the best clips at the site.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

It's Good No?

This is one if the bests posts I have read in a long time.

You'll laugh.

You'll cry.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Animal News, Brought To You By PETA

In order to pay the unemployment claim we were forced to pay Larry following a less than successful "odor intervention" last week, The Ebb & Flow Institute has had to accept sponsorships for some of our stories. Today, our segment of animal news is brought to you by PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals.

Florida Gator Fan Out of Control:

A man moving from California to Georgia faces possible federal charges after a traffic stop led to the discovery of 32 alligators crammed into a trailer with his belongings. Arizona Game and Fish officials seized the alligators, including a 9-foot gator that weighted 400 pounds. The man, who was pulled over by police in Arizona, told police that the alligators were his pets.

In related news, the price of gator tail appetizer fell sharply in Phoenix restaurants this week.

Elephants Run Loose In South Korea:

Six elephants escaped from an amusement park and rampaged through the city of Seoul, South Korea. Police said the animals were able to escape because of a "zookeeper's carelessness."

One woman was injured when one of the elephants charged into an alley near an elementary school and hit her with its trunk.

Three other elephants barged into a nearby restaurant. They ordered shrimp tempura.

A lot of pictures can be found here.

Pig Shoots Neighbor For Not Taking A Courtesy Flush:

Alternative headline: Officer's Gun Falls From Pants, Shoots Man In Other Bathroom Stall.

Good thing a Marine didn't write that headline.

Off-duty Police Officer Craig Clancy took a break from an auto auction to answer nature's call. While dropping trou, his pistol fell from his waistband and went off -- twice. Do you smell bacon?
Do You Have Any References?

Housesitters left to watch a house in Canada were not so reliable. The owner came home to find the house abandoned, the house in disarray, and left over kitty in the fridge. The neighbor's cat, Prowler, went missing during the same time period. Police believe that "the animal was killed in the bathtub and then hung from the showerhead."

OK, I think I finally got it. People are hanged, cats are hung?

Hey, Vet, Can I Get The Patch?

In South Africa, enlightenment capital of the world, a Zoo chimpanzee named Charlie has picked up the habit of smoking. Apparently, he learned how by watching the visitors to the zoo. These great customers also feed his habit.
A spokesman at the Bloemfontein Zoo said, "it looks funny to see a chimp smoking" -- but Charlie's trick could cost him his health. The zoo is asking people to stop tossing cigarettes and contributing to the chimp's habit.

Charlie was asked for comment, but we couldn't understand the mechanical voice through the box he held up to his throat when he talked.

Friday Vespers April 22, 2005

Please join the Institute in celebrating a very special Friday vespers, you see today is.......

The Natural Holiday of All the Humankind

Yes, that is right, it's Pile's birthday. A certain communist despot tried to claim this holiday as his own, but everyone knows he is just a poseur.

So grab a beer here. Due to overwhelming demand, we now have two girls to serve all of your beer needs.

We are going to have more fun than an all expense paid evening with the Twelve Girls Band.

To commemorate this glorious occasion the Institute horticulturists have bred the worlds most beautiful flower to bloom on this date (T. Pilonus Suckatalis).

Happy Natural Holiday of All the Humankind Pile.


The Institute would also like to wish a happy birthday to Cowboy On, who was also born on this date, nine years prior to the very first Natural Holiday of All the Humankind.

"Cowboy On" oil on canvas, portrait by Pile On®

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Profound Profundity from Senator Chuck Hagel R. France

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has delayed a vote on President Bush's Nominee to be the Ambassador to the United Nations. John Bolton it seems, may have spoken in a harsh tone to a liberal activist who once worked with him. This has made Senator Voinovich of Ohio uncomfortable. You see, Senator Voinovich, even though he missed Bolton's hearings where these charges were discussed, places a high value on "interpersonal skills and how we treat each other".

Once again our second favorite Senator from Nebraska has been out-mavericked by another Republican Senator looking to curry favor from the media that adores a Republican who goes against Bush.

Nevertheless, Senator Hagel offered this sage sagacity on the nomination of John Bolton.

For those of you who do not speak French, I have offered the English translation in red.

"We need a uniter. We need a builder. We need someone who will reach out to our friends and our allies at the United Nations."

Bolton is a mean poopyhead who won't make us popular at the UN.

And the Nebraska senator hedged when asked whether he would vote for Bolton. "At this point, I will," he said. "But I have been troubled with more and more allegations, revelations, coming about his style, his method of operation."

I want to be a maverick, but it's hard sometimes when you are a wussie. You make a really good maverick type vote and the meanybutts get mad at you. I just want to be the maverick everybody admires.

Nevertheless, Hagel said the increasing allegations about Bolton, including assertions that he tried to get intelligence analysts fired, remained bothersome. He called it a "disturbing pattern of things that had come out about Bolton's management style" and likened it to intimidation.

"We cannot have that at the United Nations," Hagel said. "That should not be anywhere in our government."

I get so tired of this administwations weckless uniwateralism. It's weally bad. You want to know how tired of it I am. Look at the bags under my eyes, THAT'S HOW FWIGGIN' TIRED OF IT I AM!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

White Trash Wednesday--A Poll of Large Importance

Picture from via LF Co Cat by way of Cassandra. An EFI salute to all.

What you see in this picture is
I don't know but I am sure there is a perfectly logical explanation.
A great idea, and you think you might have an old tub you can get your hands on.
When there were no crawfish, we ate redneck.
The fixins for a mighty fine stew.
Some sort of homo redneck cult initiation.
Damn it. I didn't know someone had a camera.
I like the way you boil...hmmmm mmmmmm.
Totally whacked. It doesn't even look like these losers are drinking beer.
Free polls from

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Good Hygiene Is Essential To The Workplace

We here at the Ebb & Flow Institute try to maintain a professional work environment in which every employee is productive and underpaid. Dispruptions are not favored, and few things are more disruptive than a stinky co-worker. A new report supports the notion that this is a growing workplace problem.
In most companies the unpleasant chore is falling to the Human Resources staff. Nearly three-quarters of the human resource professionals who responded to an online survey said they've had to confront an employee over a body odor issue.
The Ebb & Flow Institute is not immune to the workplace problems of general society. In fact, I was asked recently to discuss the problem B.O. of a stinky low level employee. In an effort to be effective, I followed the advice of the linked survey. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the employee.

Talk to the employee. An anonymous note, e-mail or deodorant on one's desk doesn't cut it.

Lar: *Larry opens e-mail: "Die you stinky bastard"* Hmm. I wonder what that is all about? *phone rings* Hello.
EFI: Larry, I need to talk to you.
Lar: OK. Should I go to your office?
EFI: No, my window is stuck. I want to be someplace with fresh air. Let's meet for lunch by the slaughter house.

Have a private, discreet conversation -- with as much sensitivity as possible -- and acknowledge before that the topic is extremely uncomfortable.

*Sitting down at slaughter house*
EFI: I need to discuss something with you of a sensitive nature.
Lar: I'm sorry man. She said she was 25. How was I to know?
EFI: Uh, no, that isn't it. I need to discuss that stench of body odor that emanates off of you like an early morning mist rising over a manure pile.

Realize that a diet or medical condition might cause the problem. Gently suggest a visit to a doctor.

EFI: Look, this might not be all your fault. Are you French?
Lar: Uh, no, but they are a really cool group of people, along with hippies.
EFI: Hmmm, I see.

Stress that the issue isn't merely a personal matter, as it is a workplace disruption that must be addressed.

EFI: Look, Lar. It isn't personal. This has nothing to do with the cobra you found in your briefcase or the time your brakes failed.
Lar: I never told anyone about those things.
EFI: That's good. And this isn't about those unfortunate accidents. This is about disruptions here at work.

Don't become upset if the employee is extremely embarrassed and tries to end the discussion as rapidly as possible.

Lar: I think I'm going to be sick. I would like to leave.
EFI: Don't go yet. I just want you to be aware of this problem and that you need to work on it so that we can have a great workplace. I know this is embarrassing, being called out for smelling like a pig farm in August. But I'm here for you. Just think of me as your better smelling friend.
Lar: It isn't that. I just can't handle the slaughter of all these hogs. Can't we go back to sitting in the lobby or something?

Schedule a follow-up meeting in a few days to ensure the problem is being resolved.

EFI: Look Larry. We value your minimal role here at the Institute. How about I give you two days to scrub yourself. That should knock off about 75% of the stench. Then we can meet on Friday to see if a good cologne or maybe a trip through the car wash can help people stand to be in the same room as you? What do you say.

Sadly, Larry quit and started his own blog. But I think the EFI is on the cutting edge of progressive employment practices.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ward Churchill Meets ACLU Legal Observers

Ward: To my people there are no borders. The white man invents borders to keep people in their place.

Legal Observer 1: Man, what is in this shit, man?

Legal Observer 2: Mostly Maui Waui man, but it's got some Labrador in it.

Legal Observer 1: What's Labrador?

Legal Observer 2: It's dog shit man, my dog ate my stash.

Ward: As a young brave, when there was no meat, we ate fowl......

Legal Observer 2: I had it on the table and the little [deleted] ate it, man. Then I had to follow him around with a little baggie for three days, man, before I got it back. Really blew the dog's mind, ya know?

Ward: .....and when there was no fowl we ate crawdad......

Legal Observer 1: You mean we're smokin' dog shit, man?

Ward: .......and when there was no crawdad to be found, we ate sand.

Legal Observer 2: You ate what?

Ward: We ate sand.

Legal Observer 2: That's fu**ed up man.

Ward: At least we didn't smoke dog shit.

Legal Observer 1: I wonder what Great Dane tastes like?

Dumbass of the Week

As you know, the Ebb and Flow Institute gives out weekly awards whenever we durn well feel like it. This week's Dumbass of the Week Award goes to Mr. Blake Steidler.

Blake Steidler's Dumbass Story

Mr. Steidler, of the Pennsylvania Steidlers, was unhappy with his penile enlargement surgery. Hey, a routine plastic surgery procedure should work, and he was tired of telling new girlfriends that he was the unfortunate victim of a crotch related industrial accident. So he did what any normal, unhappy consumer unable to keep a woman past their first sexual encounter would do. He mailed a bomb to his plastic surgeon.
Steidler, 24, allegedly made an explosive device that included a model-rocket engine igniter inside a jewelry box, the federal indictment said. Steidler drove to North Bloomfield, Ohio, on Feb. 10 and mailed the box, but then drove home to Lancaster County, Pa., called 911, and turned himself in, according to the indictment.
Yup, that's right. After going to the trouble of making a home made mail bomb, packing it, addressing it, buying the stamps and mailing it to the unskilled doctor that botched his surgery, he did not have the balls to see his plan through to the end. As if having a small, surgery scarred penis weren't bad enough, he also has no balls. Congrats!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Dude, I Could Like Totally Go For Some Nachos

Whoa, I told you not to get that out when people are around with a camera.



Shut up dude, you're like totally burning one too!!

Oh......oh yeah.


It has been almost 24 hours since I posted this, and I have yet to see any bloggers photoshop Cheech & Chong into any of these pictures. Just another of life's great disappointments.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

What Is The Right Age To Teach Children Civil Disobedience?

Chapter 32, subchapter B § 32.003, of the Family Code of Texas State Law states; all natural born Texas female children must have their picture taken in a field of bluebonnets before the age of 3.

Normally I would resist such an intrusive law, but the Onlette™ is a bit young to be involved in any civil disobedience, and I would rather not draw the attention of Child Protective Services.

To all Texas state officials: Behold.

No fireants were harmed in the making of this post.

Feelings Post Tax Day

Because the facts aren't important. What is important is how you feel about them.

In West Virginia, lawmakers were surprised that they had voted English the official language of the state when the law was attached to another bill.

The language was inserted into a bill that deals with the number of members that cities can point to boards of parks and recreation. It was put in there by the Senate majority whip as a flurry of bills were moving back and forth between the House and Senate on Saturday. And he said he told legislators the amendment "clarifies the way in which documents are produced."

However, one lawmaker who has fought English-only bills said, "It's wrong that's something like that was snuck into that bill in the last minute."

When asked if the law would discriminate against immigrants, one lawmaker replied, "Naw, not really. No one moves to the United States to come to West Virginia. Besides, we don't really require residents to speak English all that well."

A drunk sues his former employer, a bar, for serving him when it knew he was a drunk. He then was charged with DUI. Yes, he has a lawyer.


An 81 year old woman had a little problem with her test drive. She drove backwards, hitting her husband and the salesman, then another car and a tree, before coming to rest against a wall.

"She must have panicked," said Joe Sica, sales manager at Honda of Fort Myers.

The new Honda Accord shot backward after Dorothy Byrum got behind the wheel and apparently stepped on the wrong pedal Wednesday. The open car door hit her 88-year-old husband, Robert, and the salesman. Then the car struck the parked car, the tree and the wall. The air bag deployed, and Byrum was not injured.
To add insult to the salesman's injury, she didn't buy the car.


In Florida, boy was suspended for wearing make up to school. He claimed it was in recognition of his Wiccan religion. His momma is a high priestess in the religion.

"If I can't wear makeup," he said, "then the girls or the staff can't wear makeup."
Linda Hill, spokeswoman for the San Bernardino City Unified School District, ... said, however, that students shouldn't wear excessive makeup or clothing that could conceal their identity or be distracting to other students, a prohibition applied to male and female students alike.

His mother said Herndon, who is repeating his second year at the school, has worn makeup since he enrolled.

Well, at least we know he is a bright kid, getting through 9th grade in only two years.


In a related story, Britney Spears is still pregnant. She also reportedly drew breath into her lungs, then exhaled again. Here is a picture of her breathing, so you can, uh, picture it.

Britney Spears, left, shown breathing. Now that she is an expecting mother, she can anticipate having to practice breathing.

Friday, April 15, 2005

An Inquiry Into the Nature and Mental Wealth of Bloggers II

An Inquiry Into the Nature and Mental Wealth of Bloggers-part I

This report is released to bring you up to date on a current research project at The Ebb & Flow Institute. In the past, we would have, upon completion of the study submitted it to a scientific journal for peer review. With the growth of the internet we have new opportunities for the dissemination of scientific information. We have decided to allow you, the reader, to follow the progress of important research as it happens, to join us in expanding the realm of human knowledge.

We are convinced this will become the norm in scientific research. Journal subscriptions are a significant financial burden on institutional libraries and individual researchers, and present a major obstacle to the timely and comprehensive sharing and use of scientific information. This format also allows other researchers to engage in constructive dialogue as research takes place, promoting the public good of scientific work and disseminating research outputs to all who have an interest in them.


This weeks question that was sent to a random sample of bloggers.

What impact do you think the phenomenal growth of blogs is going to have on desserts like pudding? So as not to restrict your answers, please feel free to include desserts that have a high percentage of pudding content, like say 40% or more.

Preston Taylor Holmes @ Six Meat Buffet

Very difficult question, but here’s how I see it.

The phenomenal growth of bloggery and blog addiction is going to have absolutely no impact on pudding-based desserts.

It’s true that blog-addicts and bloggers alike will more frequently skip desserts (especially pudding-based desserts) whilst enjoying a meal at their favorite eateries so that they can get home to find out what so-and-so posted in the last 15 minutes. This will have a negative impact on pudding-based desserts.

However, due to the consistently upward trend in home pudding enjoyment, just as many bloggers and blog-addicts will enjoy such desserts at home as they sit down in front of their browsers to post this-or-that or find out what so-and-so posted in the last 15 minutes. This will have a positive impact on pudding consumption.

These two factors will negate each other, bringing the net impact back to zero, though expect a run on pudding pops this summer as the Cosby Show makes a brief comeback in a fit of 80’s TV nostalgia.

Hector Vex @ Hector Vex's Infotainment

I believe that the growth of blogs will have a positive impact on pudding and pudding like products such as Flan and that thing we made in grade school with the Oreo cookies and gummy worms. Early studies have shown that while blogging increases a craving for sugar and carbohydrate filled products, it has also been proven that pudding is among those sugar based products.

Studies have also shown that since blogging's inception there has been a rise in pudding cup consumption. Jell-o brand pudding recently conducted a highly scientific and professional study of pudding consumption by bloggers. Most of the participants have sadly died from lack of oxygen to the brain, and the results of the study are no longer available to the public. Additional studies into the habits of pudding eaters as bloggers are planned, but the government has suspended funding for pudding based research.

All in all, pudding has become the staple of a bloggers dietary needs, along with coffee, marijuana, internet porn and cheetos. This is a huge step for the pudding industry and represents a previously untapped market when it comes to marketing and sales initiatives. Thank you.

Dr. Hector Vex - Consultant to the Institute for Pudding Research & Development

Eric @ Vince Aut Morire

The effect of the blogosphere on pudding is one of infinite possibility. I firmly believe that, as goes the blogosphere, so goes pudding. For example, as more and more people discover the innate joy of blogging, the sale and consumption of pudding and pudding by-products will experience rapid growth. Hysterical spouses, distraught by the time their loved on is now spending on the computer reading, researching, writing, and commenting, not to mention trackbacking, will turn to simple comfort foods such as pudding and its related by-products for solace.

Another example of bloggers boosting the pudding and related by-product industry. As more and more journalists and media executives, for example that guy Rather and the other one, Easel something, find themselves out of work, they will have more time to experiment with their favorite pudding and related by-product recipes.

William Teach @ Pirate's Cove

On question 1, pudding rocks. Cannot get jello in chocolate. Cannot get jello in chocolate vanilla swirl. Jello is served in hospitals, where I have spent entirely too much time with a broken leg and broken ankle.

question 2:

Pudding is in fact the main stay diet of right wing bloggers. Bill Cosby has told us for years how great pudding is. Pudding allows us a quick snack to focus our mental energies to come up with the positive, humorous, and insightful material that we write.

Contrast this with Left wing blogs. Their drab, depressing, and rarely humorous material shows a complete lack of pudding in their diets. I would suspect that they are jello junkies. One cannot get excited about jello. It's flavored water with lots of harmful dyes. I would suspect that if they were introduced to pudding, particularly a good chocolate one, maybe with strawberry swirl, their bleak attitudes would do a 180, and they would become Republicans.

Billy Budd @ American Dinosaur

It is difficult to quantify the ramifications of the exponential growth of the blogosphere into the pudding realm. However, the sheer size and popularity of pudding blogs could actually change the dynamics of the dessert industry. Never before have so many pudding and pudding product connoisseurs been brought together sharing pudding information. All this has lead to a veritable cornucopia of knowledge and the expansion of the pudding data base. It puts that hard won knowledge into the hands of all pudding lovers, not just those who spend their lives watching the Food Network.

This could lead to a serious rift in the pudding camps, those who chose to remain true to its roots and ancient recipes and those who challenge the very existence of all known pudding dogma and refuse to accept this at face value.

The more pudding information that is brought forth to the scrutiny and relentless dissection of those hallowed pudding Bloggers, the more fiction, urban legends and lies will be discarded like an empty Jello pudding container. That honesty, integrity, and wholesome desire to find the truth in pudding publication, product testing and consumer education will benefit all mankind.

Liberal Larry @ BlameBush

It's amazing that just 40 years ago, blacks weren't even allowed to blog, and were forced to eat pudding from separate bowls than whites. Today, 9 out of every 10 people either have a blog, or have ate pudding. Perhaps in another 40 years, two consenting adults of the same gender will be allowed to share a bowl of pudding without fear of physical violence. If my blog ultimately helps to achieve that dream, then it will have been worth the sad, fruitless existence that is my life.


There were a surprising number of bloggers that did not respond to question number 2 in this research project. We have made the executive decision to no longer release the names of the non-responsive responders. It is not our purpose to "out" anyone as a science "hater". Perhaps they instinctively knew that if everyone responded this post would be unspeakably long.

How Did This Guy Get His Job?

Rick Kaplan, former Illini student and now president of MSNBC, spoke at his alma matter the other day about blogging. Although several of his comments were worthy of discussion, this was the most disturbing comment:
But Kaplan also told the crowd that there were downsides to the popularization of blogging. He said bloggers can act in a mob mentality and may not be accurate in their reports.

"The bloggers' accuracy rates are good for baseball, not for journalists," Kaplan said. "A baseball player can make seven out of 10 at bat and be highly respected. If journalists are only right seven out of 10 times, this would be terrible."

Now, even had he made the correct analogy, his wording showed his ignorance about baseball. You don't "make seven out of 10 at bat" -- whatever that means. But you don't have to be a baseball stud like Masked Mennace to know that anyone consistently getting a base hit in 7 out of 10 at bats would be accused of using steroids tonight on Countdown with Keith Olberman.

So lets get this straight. Nick Kaplan runs a cable news channel that has fewer viewers than some of our favorite blogs, graduated from a school that has never won a basketball national title, and doesn't know anything about baseball except how to screw up analogies to it. Ted Williams is rolling over in his freezer.

Another comment Kaplan made:
Kaplan said bloggers are beginning to get sued because of the content of their postings, which he considered necessary to hold bloggers responsible. "Bloggers have to be accountable for what they say," Kaplan said.

Had the question been about lawsuits against the lamestream media, Kaplan would have said that "they are destructive and go against the vital commitment we have in this country to a free press."

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I've Got My Foot On The Pulse Of The Blogosphere

I like to see fine art get its due. Check out the soundboard, it could be useful around the office.

I know some of you think I suck. I am not saying you are wrong, but I have nothing on Mr. Vex.

Mr. Teach, you should be ashamed of yourself. Honestly, what were you thinking?

This does not offend me, and my undies are not in a bunch. I am not saying Goldstein has jumped the shark, but he is lustfully eying the water skis.

If I were a dog I would be an Italian Pointer. What kind of dog are you?

Andy Rooney, Judge Judy, God and now you.

I don't know how I made the top of this list, but the company is pretty good.


OK, so the headline isn't as juicy as "Man Bites Dog!" but you work with the material you have. In Nebraska, pit bulls attacked again. Except this time, the pit bulls are the heroes.

OMAHA, Neb. -- A couple of pit bulls are being hailed as canine heroes.

The breed may have a mean reputation, but Angie Pecoraro is happy the pit bulls were next door. She was attacked in her Omaha yard this week by a red chow. The dog had knocked her down and was biting her repeatedly. That's when the neighbor's pit bulls came to the rescue.

They jumped a fence and fought off the chow. The humane society has impounded the attacking dog. Pecoraro was treated and released from a local hospital.
The chow, it turned out, was a Red China communist spy.

In related news, Brittney Spears is pregnant. This wasn't a shock. She has been looking a little more motherly lately. Also, as she explained earlier this year on her website:
"I've had a career since I was 16, have traveled around the world and back, and even kissed Madonna! The only thing I haven't done so far is experience the closest thing to God, and that's having a baby. I can't wait!" she wrote.
I am shocked. I had always assumed that kissing Madonna was to "experience the closest thing to God."


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Educated Marine Takes On His School's Protesters

Maybe you heard that the University of Ohio had a "die in" the other day. In other words, students picked a few strategic places to take a nap. Their naps were merely symbolic, however. They were pretending to represent the soldiers and "civilians" (defined only as those being killed by American soldiers) that die in Iraq.

Well, Ohio University student Marc Fencil heard about it, too. He is currently serving what would be his senior year in Iraq. He addressed his student body in a letter to the editor. An excerpt:

It's a shame that I'm here in Iraq with the Marines right now and not back at Ohio University completing my senior year and joining in blissful ignorance with the enlightened, war-seasoned protesters who participated in the recent "die-in" at College Gate. It would appear that all the action is back home, but why don't we make sure? That's right, this is an open invitation for you to cut your hair, take a shower, get in shape and come on over! If Michael Moore can shave and lose enough weight to fit into a pair of camouflage utilities, then he can come too!

. . . You missed last month's discovery of a basement full of suicide vests from the former regime (I'm sure Saddam's henchmen just wore them because they were trendy though). You weren't here for the opening of a brand new school we built either. You might also notice women exercising their new freedom of walking to the market unaccompanied by their husbands.

There is a man here, we just call him al-Zarqawi, but we think he'd be delighted to sit down and give you some advice on how you can further disrespect the victims of Sept. 11 and the 1,600 of America's bravest who have laid down their lives for a safer world. . . .

When it's all over, I promise you can go back to your coffee houses and preach about social justice and peace while you continue to live outside of reality. If you decide to decline my offer, then at least you should sleep well tonight knowing that men wearing black facemasks and carrying AK-47s yelling "Allahu Akbar" over here are proud of you and are forever indebted to you for advancing their cause of terror. While you ponder this, I'll get back to the real "die-in" over here. I don't mind.

I can't add anything to it, nor do I need to. Read it all, as some guy says.

Take Two Baggies And Call Me In The Morning

The other day I discovered that the North Koreans had developed a new "health water" that not only cured cancer but, judging from the various rare-earth minerals it contained, also probably makes for a nice nuclear inner glow.

It's clear that North Korean scientists are not satisfied to rest on their laurels.


Curative Plastic Sheets Developed
Pyongyang, April 11 (KCNA) -- Curative plastic sheets Nos. 1 and 2 have been developed by scientists in the textile field of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. They are polypropylene and polyethylene sheets treated in an electronic way.

With the sheets one can cure various diseases by oneself in any places without medical apparatuses and medicines.

When they are pasted to the points to be treated, it helps recover the function of abnormal minute electric current, damaged cells and tissues in human body and activate metabolism. Sheet No.1 is for external wounds such as gash, abscess and burn and sheet No. 2 for internal diseases such as contusion, bone fracture, neuralgia, indigestion, stomach cramps and inflammation.

The years of clinical test shows that patients who had long suffered from sore finger and tympanitis recovered health with one-time use of the sheet and obstinate simple necrosis patients with six-time use. And babies under six months cured pneumonia with the help of the sheets.

This is indeed good news, as it is very difficult for doctors under six months old to get the proper medical apparatuses and medicines to cure pneumonia. Now they can cure it from the safety of their own crib. But I don't know what we're going to do about those obstinant simple necrosis patients. If they'd stop being so pig-headed about it they could probably get cured with three-time use.

The image was swiped from here, so maybe there's hope for the West yet.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Royal Mascot Shocker

A few moments with Camilla and the Wichita State University mascot.


What's up with the hat?


This hat is the triumph of style success over fashion excess.


Well, that does sound like a good game, but incorporating cereal grains into your costume is kind of my thing.


You simply must know that this ensemble delighted fashion observers. The hat was designed by Philip Treacy, it is a mix of medieval and modernity and is quite fashionable, I must say, it restored the phrase ''suitable for the occasion'' to style parlance.


So what conference do you work in, the Sun Belt?


I am now a member of the Royal family.


Oh, I'd like to go to pro baseball someday, but too many people just want organ music at the ball park.

We Never Talk Anymore

I find this very disturbing.

Him: Oh baby.
Her: Yes, baby YES.
Him: Oh Baby oh baby oh baby
Cell phone: BloooooooP! BloooooooP!
Him: Hello?
Her: Baby?
Him: Hey Jack, what's up?
Her: Baby?
Him:Oh nuthin' much. Same old same old.
Her: Wha...Same old same old!
Him: Yeah I did, that was some putt on the 16th. Maybe the greatest shot ever in the Masters.
Her: (anger rising): BABY! GET THE HELL OFF THAT PHONE!
Him (holding up hand): Jus' a second, honey. Hey listen Jack, can I call you back? You caught me at a bad time. Huh? Yeah, you know how it is. Okay Later. (hangs up)
Him: Now where were we, honey. Honey?
Cell phone: BloooooooP! BloooooooP!

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Sunny 99.1 The Best Soft Porn

Less talk, more soft porn.

50 minutes of continuous soft porn from the seventies and eighties every hour.

Enjoy Sunny 99.1 while you work.

All your favorite soft porn, with less talk, tune in to Sunny 99.1

A Moment of Introspection with the Former General Secretary


Within one years time we have seen the passing of both Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II. Looking back what are your thoughts?


Well, I believe history will show that I outlived both of them.


Maggie is still around you know.


Oh yeah, there's that.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Well I love that Kumgangchonyonbullosu, oh-oh Pyongyang you're my home

From the Korean Central News Agency of DPR
Pyongyang, April 7 (KCNA) -- A research institute under the Academy of Sciences of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has developed a new health drink "Kumgangchonyonbullosu" (Kumgang natural health water). Its ingredients are more than 50 essential microelements extracted from kumgang medicinal stone and various other medicinal minerals and 10-odd rare-earth elements. It, with over 10 kinds of deoxidizing elements, is efficacious for aging and diseases. A section chief of the institute Ri Won Sop, who had led the research team, told KCNA that it is potent for such diseases as chronic hepatitis, rheumarthritis, diabetes, inveterate gastritis, gastric ulcer and other digestive diseases, myocarditis and arteriosclerosis and even various kinds of cancer. When children take this water, it helps them grow quickly and healthily and increase resistance to diseases. Clinical tests proved that it has neither toxic nor side effect.
Well, well, well. The North Koreans certainly have done it again. A health drink that cures cancer! My my! What do you have to say to that Coca-Cola?
Say what's in this stuff any way? 10-odd rare-earth elements? Is that 10 odd rare earth elements, or 10 or thereabouts rare-earth elements, cause they all look pretty odd to me.
Which 10-odd Californium? Praseodymium? Ytterbium? Uranium????? EINSTEINIUM!!!!
HOLY SMOKES! Maximum Leader has found a peaceful use for his nuclear weapons program!
You first. Oh no, I insist.

EFI Morning Report With Your Host Pile On®

Revenge Be Upon The Losers

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, will premiere in theatres on May 19th (that would be seven weeks from now). Losers are already standing in line at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. The movie will not premiere there but will be shown at a different theatre a mile away.

Losers refuse to move thinking the story is a hoax.

I could add some commentary to the story, but why? It is perfect just the way it is.


Let There Be Light

Energy bill in congress, if passed, will extend daylight savings time by two months.

"Extending daylight-saving time makes sense, especially with skyrocketing energy costs," said Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., who along with Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., co-sponsored the measure.

"The more daylight we have, the less electricity we use," said Markey, who cited Transportation Department estimates that showed the two-month extension would save the equivalent of 10,000 barrels of oil a day.

I have a better idea, let's just have daylight all day long. Think of all the oil we would save.


More Art Than You Can Shake A Stick At

BERLIN (Reuters) - One hundred virtually naked women between the ages of 18 and 65 displayed their bodies in a Berlin art gallery Thursday to prepare for a one-day exhibit Friday.
Wearing only transparent tights, the 100 nearly nude models stood, kneeled or sat down on the floor of the New National Gallery before a small crowd of journalists. Bystanders peered in through windows from outside the building.

"It's challenging and aggressive for the audience," said Vanessa Beecroft, the Italian-born New York artist, who said it was the largest such exhibit she had ever organized.
"It's not pleasant, it's not sensual and it's not beautiful," Beecroft told Reuters.

Vanessa's mother must not have taught her that if she didn't have anything nice to say about her own art, not to say anything at all.


Harvard Professor Pilfers Load Of Manure

They steal it. That is how they get so full of it.


The Cookie Moderate

Coming soon to Sesame Street, talking eggplants and carrots, in addition to a healthier eating Cookie Monster.


This Photo Did Not Win A Pulitzer

But it makes me smile, so I ripped it off from Vince Aut Morire.

Organ Donor

A few days ago
Some weeks back

Once upon a time, I don't remember when, I posted a comment or something somewhere bemoaning the lack of organs at major league baseball parks. Or maybe I didn't. I can't remember. But if I did, I know that it would have been your typical whine from a baseball purist who loathes the commercial direction the sport has taken in recent years (as if the game hadn't been on this base path for ages...but gives us our dreams, ok?). In true pig-headed fashion, I allowed the organ thing to fester within until it burst forth as a pointless obsession. "Where are all the organs at baseball games?" "Why do they have to blare awful rock music in my ears?" "Baseball is a quiet game. A thinking game. " What does the song "YMCA" have to do with baseball?" I would harangue my co-workers and passers-by with rememberances of golden Saturday afternoons basking in Temple of Summer and listening to the sweet smack of horsehide against cowhide as the pitcher warmed up, the mighty Hammond everready to issue a thrumming "dah dah dha DA DA!!!!"

Funny thing, though...nobody ever disagreed. Oh sure, some muttered brief obsceneties and dropped a quarter into my cup, but nodody replied that they actually like being bombarded by stupid loud noises in between innings. Moreover, seems that baseball and organ music are inseperable in the minds of many die-hard (read: "old") fans.
So imagine my surprise when I lit on this nifty little site with its own ball park organists page. Sixteen parks still have an organist (but Camden Yards ain't one of them), but only the Cubs use the organ exclusively. Maybe that's why Wrigley is still one of the best places to see a ball game.
Actually, the whole site is pretty good, with pictures of ballparks old and new and some nifty history too. I love these guys! Check out the story at the bottom of the page on Eddie Layton (who I first heard on my first trip to a ball game at age six and countless times afterwards). Listen to him play "Take Me Out Me Out To The Ball Game."
Ahhhhh!!!! I can taste the hot dogs of my youth. GOOD hotdogs, not the crappy ones they sell today. And what's with the nachos and pizza? You can't watch baseball eating nachos!
Next crusade.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

WTW Evening Edition

Sorry I don't have much for WTW today, I have been busier than a 3 legged paper hanging billy goat in a like that.

Anyway, here is a trashy link provide by KJ. I am not sure why he sent it to me rather than just post it. Or maybe I am sure.

Be sure to visit these other fine, yet trashy sites.

basil's blog
Cranky Neocon
Cry Freedom
Dangerous Logic
Fistful of Fortnights
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Merri Musings
MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Riehl World View
Six Meat Buffet
The Ebb & Flow Institute
The Jawa Report
Toner Mishap
Vince Aut Morire

This Just In

Headline: Secret Papal Election Set for April 18.

Don't tell anyone.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Canada Gives Free Speech Royal Mounting

For details see Confederate Yankee here, with an update here.

But please, if there are any Canadians reading this, do not go here. After all Momma Government has done for you, don't you love Momma Government? Be a good little citizen and enjoy your universal healthcare. Because Momma said so.

Do not see also: Benjamin Franklin.

Monday, April 04, 2005

It's A-lanche

Welcome It's A Pundit readers.

Please, look around, make yourself at home .


Sunday, April 03, 2005

An Inquiry Into The Nature And Mental Wealth Of Bloggers

As most of you know, the workload at the Institute packs a hefty daunt, nonetheless we have undertaken a comprehensive study of the blogosphere and the many characters who are what has become fashionable to call "bloggers". This will be an ongoing study, the Institute will make public our findings as we find said findings, but will refrain from publishing any conclusions until we find a conclusion.

To begin the study, I sent out the following e-mail to a random selection of bloggers (n=16).

For those of you who do not know me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pile On and I am the resident of the John Locke Chair at The Ebb & Flow Institute. EFI is a research foundation dedicated to liberty, human dignity and the natural rights of man.

We are currently undertaking a study of the blogosphere and the personalities that make the b-sphere what it is today. We are going to insert a thermometer into the rectum of the blogosphere and takes its pulse, so to speak.

I have instructed my staff to come up with some simple and yet very revealing questions for a diverse cross-section of bloggers. You have been carefully selected to participate in the first question of this study. Please take a moment to answer this one question. Your participation in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.

Question 1.

Do you like pudding?

Thank you,

Pile On®


At the time of this publishing we have received the following responses. While not all have responded, we consider a non-responsive response very revealing in it's own right. I have included the notes of the staff analyst in charge of this study, following the bloggers response. The notes should in no way be considered an official conclusion of the Institute, but are included to give you a glimpse into the mechanisms of big time research.

EFI Research question 1. Do you like pudding?

Jeff @ Beautiful Atrocities


And that includes flan.

Direct to the point, just the facts. Probably a hard news investigative blogger. Interesting though, he feels the need to elaborate briefly into other dessert products. Likely an international blogger.....probably.....probably Asia.

John @ Wuzzadem

It depends.

Evasive, somewhat noncommittal. Probably has undergone an ideological transformation of sorts.

Attila Girl @ Little Miss Attila

Yes. Especially lemon pudding, or rice pudding.

But I like pie just a little bit better.



A very positive response. Gives suggestions in case we might be serving pudding. Hopeful for something better. Smart. Wishes us the best, shows a real respect for scientific research.

KJ @ No Government Cheese

Yes, but it is often better when accompanied by whipped cream. Tapioca, banana and chocolate are the best.

Creative. Quite likely thinking of uses for pudding other than gastronomical.

The Therapist @ The Therapist

I love pudding, especially the Oreo, crumbled cookie instant.

Clearly a trained psychologist. This answer is cleverly designed to reveal nothing about him as a person or his feelings about pudding. The man has ice water in his veins.

Cassandra @ Villainous Company

Yes I do, you fool :)

Chocolate pudding.

I can't believe you emailed Glenn Reynolds and Oliver Willis.

Practical thinker. Can't understand why anyone wouldn't like pudding. We also sense a tinge of envy for not having come up with this research angle herself.

Confederate Yankee @ Confederate Yankee

Yes, especially on a nice snack cracker. There's nothing that quite compares with pudding on the Ritz.

Clever wordsmith. Goes for the shock value, site is probably something like Howard Stern meets Michael Savage.

Dan @ Riehl World View

As a staunch Jello-ist, I deeply resent the biased nature of your survey and will thank you to not trash my email account with similar rubbish obviously designed to set we Jello-ists back decades. Do you realize that there was a time in this country when Jello was not allowed in pudding bowls? That Jello was confined to the back of the grocery store shelf as a second class dessert? I hope you have a good attorney, as this little joke will not prove to be fat free, hate monger! Whereas, I might point out to you that, Jello, though certainly not all Jello-ists, is. In point of fact, Jello-ists even allow fruits in their dessert, unlike close-minded, fruit phobic pudding-ists of your ilk.

Good Day, Sir,


Rational, level headed. Will likely rise to the top of a crowded blogosphere field, or extremely unhinged. Requires more research, but certainly there is no middle ground with this one.

Jack @ Tigerhawk.

**crickets chirping**

Jack went to a New Jersey blogger hootinany at an American Legion Hall on saturday. Someone might want to check on him.

We received non-responsive responses from the following bloggers.

Jeff @ Protein Wisdom, Duncan Black @ Atrios, Captain Ed @ Captains Quarters, Hugh Hewitt @ Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin @ Michelle Malkin, Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit, Oliver Willis @ Oliver Willis

It is difficult to say why someone might choose not to participate. It could be anything from blog envy, ideology, or even resentment of scholarship. Or it could be a complete misunderstanding of what we are trying to accomplish with this very important study.

A special thanks to Jack @ Tigerhawk, who has a very comprehensive blogroll.


It appears Hugh Hewitt did reply, only his response went to Dan @ Riehl World View, whose response went to everyone, which is all very confusing.

Hugh Hewitt @ Hugh Hewitt

Pudding is a blue state dessert.

I never touch it.

Hugh Hewitt

Yeah, and that response was sent on April Fools Day.